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Month: June 2011 (page 2 of 8)


fo: hemnet | bolaget


Det finns så otroligt mycket fint på och dessa är mina favoriter

/// I love and these are my favorites.


Så då var den nya designen på plats också. Denna gång blev det inte bara lite småpill i stilmallen utan jag bytte tema helt.  Är det något om ser konstigt ut så får ni gärna skriva en kommentar så ska jag försöka fixa det.

/// Now the new design is in place. I changed the whole theme this time and not just a small change in the stylesheet. If you find something that looks weird, just write a comment about it and I`ll try to fix it.


Ur juli-numret av RUM.

///  From the latest issue of RUM.


Glad  midsommar på er allihopa, lite i efterskott!

// In Sweden we have something called midsummers eve. It´s a really strange tradition if you think about it. We dance around a wooden “cross” dressed in flowers (yes, both humans and “cross”) and sings about foxes running across the ice and about frogs that have no ears(?).  Then we eat a lot of good food and we go to bed with seven different flowers under our pillows dreaming about the man we are going to marry. And the most important thing. We all wish for it to be nice weather on this day, but if almost always rains! Anyway, this day was yesterday, therefor the silence on the blog.

fo: sxc | OeilDeNuit